Reaching Chinese Travellers

LAT’s President Lise Alain shares her insights on reaching the large and fast growing segment of Chinese millennial travellers in the latest issue of Luxury Hoteliers Magazine. The key? Understanding the travellers’ journey in trip planning, reaching them on the networks they already engage with such as WeChat, Weibo, etc. and promoting cultural understanding to ensure Chinese guests’ preferences are accommodated.

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Website Translations: What You Need to Know

If you ask most web developers, building a multilingual site is a pretty easy task. However running it on an ongoing basis is an entirely different matter. Websites are dynamic with content constantly being added, modified or deleted. This means that whenever the original content changes, all languages must too. As a result, the time and expense to manage website translations on a multilingual site can quickly escalate.
Information Overload
Large websites require someone to manage their translation work. This “someone” typically coordinates with the translation service, sends content for translation, reviews completed translations and ensures it makes its way onto the site. As a result, long chains of confusing emails and lots of time spent copying, pasting and sending content back and forth between the translation team, the web designer and the person coordinating the process is common. All of this churn is not only time consuming — it can […]

Marketing to a Multicultural Marketplace

The translation industry is one of the most affected by technological advances in language technology. Small agencies must compete with large corporations who, driven by their focus on maximizing profit, rely on sophisticated computer-assisted tools to cut cost. Like any business, LAT had to adjust to this changing landscape. How did we do that? We decided to focus on our clients’ bottom line ahead of our own.

To maximize profit in your own competitive markets, you need to reach more than the mainstream customers. You need to reach everyone. As a boutique multicultural marketing agency with decades of experience in the field, we drive success for our clients by helping them reach deeper into Canada’s multicultural communities. We focus on communicating to diverse target audiences through an authentic and genuine voice.

Our staff diligently works with clients to uncover their unique positioning and value. We leverage this information in the marketing […]