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Press Releases

Vancouver, May 9th, 2018

Canadian China-Ready Training Program for the Tourism Industry

Canada is rapidly becoming a destination of choice for Chinese travellers. 2017 held a record number of tourist arrivals, with nearly 700,000 arrivals from China.

To help Canadian businesses reach, engage, and welcome Chinese travellers, LAT Multilingual has launched the Golden Dragon Certification Program.

This simple and thorough program aims to help Canadian businesses understand the cultural differences and expectations of their Chinese guests, allowing travellers to have great experiences. LAT’s Golden Dragon Certification marks a business as best in its class, providing a guarantee of excellence and trust.

There are two essential components to the Golden Dragon Certification Program: Training and Marketing. The training component prepares businesses and organizations to welcome Chinese travellers by covering all aspects of Chinese culture, trends, habits and preferences. Sessions are available online, or in person (for groups).

Upon successful completion of the training modules, businesses need to meet a list of requirements to receive their Golden Dragon certification. Certified businesses will be featured on a dedicated website and Chinese social media accounts, where they will engage with Chinese travellers and tour operators.

LAT’s collaboration with Motion Pay further provides Canadian merchants a complete solution to welcome Chinese travellers, as Chinese travellers can now use their familiar modes of payment: Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Achieving China-Ready certification allows your business to feature its services on the most popular Chinese platforms. Being culturally aware and respectful of Chinese visitors ensures that visitors will share positive experiences with peers, thereby enhancing your online visibility and word-of-mouth references.

LAT’s Golden Dragon Certification Program is an essential marketing tool for Canadian businesses who wish to reach hundreds of thousands of Chinese travellers.

For more information, check out our website. 

About LAT

LAT Multilingual believes in the power of cultural marketing to help businesses reach diverse communities. LAT’s experience stems from 19 years of market adaptation and engagement with over 1 million Chinese customers annually. Our experts in Chinese marketing and culture currently manage several prestigious accounts, such as the Vancouver International Airport’s WeChat and Weibo.

Vancouver, October 4, 2017

LAT Multilingual Announces a New Partnership with MotionPay

LAT Multilingual is proud to announce a new partnership with MotionPay that will benefit retailers and Chinese audiences across Canada. This partnership will allow LAT Multilingual to provide a complete solution to its clients who actively engage with Chinese customers. LAT’s fully integrated marketing strategies, along with MotionPay’s secure payment transaction systems allow businesses to fully engage with Chinese customers.

Chinese visitors contribute over $1 billion annually to Canada’s economy, a figure that continues to grow each year. This, combined with the popularity of mobile payments with Chinese demographics, has driven demand for businesses to accept preferred payment methods and to post promotions directly to customers through popular social media platforms among the Chinese community.

LAT Multilingual believes that the most effective communication and marketing strategies must be culturally sensitive. For Chinese customers, this involves engaging with them in their own language online and on their favorite social platforms, and providing convenient access to AliPay and WeChat Pay. MotionPay facilitates greater sales opportunities with Chinese tourists, international students and all Chinese people living in Canada. With secure, handheld point-of-sales terminals that readily accept payment in RMB, Canadian retailers gain distinct sales advantages and the potential for greater customer loyalty.

About LAT

LAT Multilingual is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, with offices in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. LAT helps companies reach their customers in their own language, with a marketing strategy fully adapted to their cultural preferences.

About MotionPay

MotionPay Technology Inc. is an Ottawa-based Canadian FinTech company that empowers hundreds of Canadian merchant outlets from Halifax to Vancouver to accept Chinese RMB payments. Its payment services are designed to attract greater sales opportunities from the rapidly-increasing segment of Chinese customers who travel, study and live in Canada. MotionPay is the leading provider of Alipay and WeChat Pay solutions in North America, and the first Canadian company to have working partnerships with them.

May 26, 2015

Selling to the Quebec Market? LAT Marketing Makes Your Brand Local

LAT Marketing is a newly launched subsidiary of LAT Multilingual that specializes in providing a full range of digital marketing services to businesses who want to engage with Quebec customers. Unlike other marketing companies, LAT Marketing relies on its expertise in translation, localization, and content creation to tailor digital marketing strategies to local markets.

Businesses selling to the Canadian market are aware of the language laws and the need to have bilingual packaging and marketing materials. However, when it comes to Quebec, translation is not enough. “Quebec customers are proud of their culture,” says Lise Alain, CEO of LAT Marketing. “They are much more likely to adopt a brand, buy a product, or follow a company’s activities on social media if the company demonstrates an understanding of Quebec’s society and culture.”

LAT Marketing localizes your website and SEO strategy, as well as your pay-per-click (PPC) and digital marketing campaigns for the Quebec market. LAT’s local teams in Montreal and Quebec City also create and manage French-language accounts on social media. “Whether paid or organic, marketing should always be managed locally”, says Lise. “Our vision is to bring businesses to the heart of Quebec’s communities so that they can truly engage individuals from a local perspective.”

Quebec represents a market of more than 8 million customers who are culturally and linguistically unique in North America. With a local marketing team of professional writers, translators, and digital marketing specialists who are supported by LAT Multilingual’s 15 years of expertise in translation and localization, LAT Marketing makes businesses part of the communities they want to reach by allowing them to get in touch with customers locally.

About LAT: Founded in 1999, LAT Multilingual provides language services to a variety of clients across Canada and the U.S. LAT Marketing is LAT’s first in-market subsidiary, with the mandate to help companies reach local communities in Quebec.

For further information: Tel: 1-866-936-3833 ext. 106

November 20, 2013

LAT Multilingual Picks Up Three Small Business BC Nominations

LAT Multilingual Translations and Marketing has been recognized for its achievements and contributions to the community of British Columbia by being nominated for three awards at The Small Business BC Awards.

The SBBC Awards recognize the hard work and successes of small businesses in BC – there are nine awards in total, and LAT Multilingual has been nominated for:

  • Premier People’s Choice
  • Best Community Impact
  • Best Online Marketer

LAT Multilingual CEO Lise Alain says she is thrilled to be recognized as one of the province’s top small businesses.

Lise says, “We are a proud member of the small business community in BC. Given the diverse nature of Vancouver’s population, our language services aim to facilitate interaction and foster opportunities between local businesses and various demographics. For that reason, we would be honoured to receive the Premier People’s Choice Award.

“In the end, it’s all about people.”

February 4, 2013

Multilingual communities connect with local businesses who speak their language

Vancouver-based company brings multilingual communities closer to local businesses by providing social media communication services.

LAT Multilingual Translation & Marketing announced yesterday the launch of its new multilingual service focused on providing turnkey solutions for businesses that wish to reach deeper into their local market by creating multilingual social media campaigns.

“Companies looking to expand into new markets should start with their own local community,” says Lise Alain, founder and CEO of LAT Multilingual Translation and Marketing.

Businesses already know that they can see a substantial return on investment by localizing their website content, brochures and packaging, said Alain, but the next step is to engage with customers in their own language and foster discussions about their products or services on social media. (More…)