Reach Canada’s second largest economy with cultural awareness. 

Home to more than 7 million people, Quebec has Canada’s second largest economy. But there are also specific linguistic and cultural considerations you need to be aware of when trying to reach this market. 

Quebec is the only province in Canada where French is the official language. In addition to its strict language regulations, there is also a distinct cultural identity tied to the province that differentiates it from elsewhere in Canada.

While you may have a great marketing strategy for Canada as a whole, developing a more nuanced approach for this unique market is essential.

At LAT we have years of experience helping brands reach their Quebecois customers. 

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LAT has been able to handle French translations for our technical products and are able to turnaround requests very quickly. We appreciate the service they have been able to provide.

Ravinder Sangha
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Quebec Market Case Studies


Saje Natural Wellness

LAT has been helping Canadian retailer Saje Natural Wellness with bilingual translations of product labels, store signage, marketing materials and more for over a decade.


McCormick & Company

McCormick’s products are sold on shelves across the world, but they came to LAT because they wanted a translation company that could ensure their Canadian presence truly connected with the local market.



KAO is the Japanese company behind popular brands such as Jergens, John Frieda, and Bioré. Because of their global reach, KAO needs localized content to successfully promote their wide range of products to diverse audiences.