In our previous video, Jessie Li explained who the modern-day Chinese customer is, using three simple hashtags to understand this huge demographic. Now that we understand who Chinese customers are, let’s see how we can reach them.

Marketing to Chinese customers requires an adapted marketing strategy, and selecting the right social media platforms is key. Western social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are banned in China. That means that any marketing campaign on these platforms will reach very few Chinese people. But Chinese people have developed their own sophisticated platforms and networks, which are used by Chinese people all over the world. Did you know that there are more than 1 billion daily active users on WeChat? It’s one of most popular social media platform in the world! So, if your business wants to reach Chinese customers, you’ll have to meet them on the Chinese digital market.

Our Inbound & Digital Marketing Strategist Jessie Li has worked with brands like Ford Motor Company, Adidas, Cadillac Global Business, and Coca-Cola to help them grow their market share. She’s recently moved to Canada, where she wants to help local companies reach the growing Chinese population in Vancouver, Toronto, and other North American cities. Jessie strongly believes in the power of communication to bridge different cultures. In this video, she’ll help us connect with Chinese customers by teaching us about the Chinese digital market, what platforms businesses should get on, and how to successfully engage with Chinese customers.

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