In our previous video, our Inbound & Digital Marketing Strategist Jessie Li explained the importance of reaching Chinese customers on digital platforms. Now that we understand where to engage with Chinese customers, let’s see how we can form genuine relationships and build brand communities.

In China, business isn’t just about sales. Guanxi, an important principle rooted in Confucianism, sees every individual as part of a community or network. Guanxi networks are created through mutual commitment and trust— this carries over into the business world, as successful businesses in China must build long-standing relationships with their clients.

Marketing in China therefore goes beyond creating catchy campaigns. It’s also about genuinely connecting with Chinese people and investing long-term to build relationships with customers.

Building genuine relationships is also a great strategy for differentiating yourself from other businesses. China is such a competitive market, that brands need to connect with Chinese customers to be noticed among other businesses.

Our Inbound & Digital Marketing Strategist Jessie Li has worked with brands like Ford Motor Company, Adidas, Cadillac Global Business, and Coca-Cola to help them grow their market share. She’s recently moved to Canada, where she wants to help local companies reach the growing Chinese population in Vancouver, Toronto, and other North American cities. Jessie strongly believes in the power of communication to bridge different cultures. In this video, she’ll help us understand how to form genuine connections with Chinese customers, talking to us about the ins-and-outs of brand persona and giving examples of successful brands.