The translation industry is one of the most affected by technological advances in language technology. Small agencies must compete with large corporations who, driven by their focus on profit maximization, rely on sophisticated computer assisted tools to cut cost. Like any business, LAT had to adjust to this changing landscape. How did we do that? We decided to focus on our clients’ bottom line ahead of our own. To maximize profit in your own competitive markets, you need to reach more than the mainstream customers. You need to reach everyone.

As a boutique multicultural marketing agency with decades of experience in the field, we drive success for our clients by helping them reach deeper into Canada’s multicultural communities. We focus on communicating to diverse target audiences through an authentic and genuine voice.

Our staff diligently works with clients to uncover their unique positioning and value. We leverage this information in the marketing collateral we produce for our clients. We work with small and large companies in advertising to Canadian populations that are often overlooked, increasing the return on your investment.

Our expertise working with reputable brands like McCormick, Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Hawaiian Airlines, Mercedes Benz and many more speaks for itself.


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It’s all about partnership:

LAT is proud to partner with its clients, deeply diving into the company’s offerings, history, and projects in order to create high-quality content and deliver stellar customer service, adapted to the Canadian diverse marketplace. We aim to be part of your team to extend your reach. We value communication that engages with your future customers for years to come.

Adapting your communications to reach non-English speaking demographics requires a close collaboration between you – our client – and our team. We behave as an extension of your communications and marketing teams.

We share the same briefs, goals and measures (KPIs), but our work is to adapt your message, your strategy, and your delivery methods, to ensure your content reaches your multicultural audience on their favorite platforms and in their own language.

In diverse markets such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, reaching customers effectively requires a deep understanding of each demographic: their most popular media, cultural preferences, important dates and celebrations, community events, trending topics, and more.

Managing YVR’s Chinese Communications and Customer Service

We meet with YVR’s digital marketing team regularly to learn what’s coming up, their priorities, and keep a close eye on the airport’s Twitter and Facebook posts. We’re always briefed on media communications so that Chinese clients (travellers and residents) can keep informed of YVR’s latest news.

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Chinese people are not typically on the same social platforms as western clients as Facebook and Twitter are not accessible in China. In order to reach this important and fast-growing group of travellers and residents, one needs to adapt their message delivery as well as translate it into Mandarin.





The most used social platform by Chinese people today is WeChat. This extremely popular application provides what seems like unlimited resources to Chinese residents. For tourists, they can use WeChat to find everything from shopping deals to hotels, flight information, peer to peer reviews about their destination and much more.

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LAT is built on the belief that communication is key to human relationships.

We strategize with our clients to create opportunities by connecting people effectively, with well crafted messages that convey our clients’ message in a culturally sensitive way.

Our expert translators and multicultural marketing specialists live and work in your target markets. Beyond their proficiency in another language, they are skillful professionals and members of the diverse communities your company wants to reach. They work together to adapt your materials with an expertise that is deeply rooted in the cultural background and language variations of those communities.

LAT’s extensive work with a long list of phenomenally successful companies has propelled us forward as the foremost experts on multicultural and bilingual advertising to the Chinese and French-Canadian markets.

Get in touch with LAT’s marketing experts now if you’re ready to tap into new markets and outperform your competition.