Speaking to your customers in their own language is the most effective marketing strategy.

Go beyond translation with Cultural Marketing.

The digital world is a busy place. Stand out with a multilingual approach that cuts through the noise and reaches the heart of multicultural communities in their own language on the social platforms they are using. This is Cultural Marketing.

At LAT Multilingual we help companies expand within their existing markets and connect with new ones by providing quality multilingual translations and marketing localization services. Reach deeper into your local market or expand abroad with a carefully constructed marketing approach that puts language at the heart of your strategy.

Reach local markets, wherever 'local' is for you

We help companies and organizations reach their audience through quality translations and cultural marketing

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  • CEO Blog – Speak their language – Reach their heart

CEO Blog – Speak their language – Reach their heart

  • April 16th, 2014

Purchasing decisions are emotional. Marketers know that to sell you a luxury item, they need to appeal to your heart, not your head. Advertisements that effectively bypass our rational sensors (through product positioning, engaging music, cute children, cuddly animals) and go straight to the heart are most successful. Research has shown that an emotional response is 3 times more likely to influence our intent to buy something we see on television commercials, and 2 times more likely to influence our intent when seen on print ads.

  • Vancouver Celebrates the Cherry Blossom

Vancouver Celebrates the Cherry Blossom

  • April 8th, 2014

Vancouver, home to over 40,000 cherry trees, has been celebrating the Cherry Blossom Festival since 2006. The festival marks an important cultural legacy as well as the start of a beautiful new season.


As an aside, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of the extra effort LAT has given us in the last several weeks. It is been truly wonderful to rely on a vendor as prompt and efficient as your group. Thank you!
Laura, Macquarie
LAT produced high quality translations within quick turnaround time. Their translators paid close attention to terms specific to our business, which is a huge plus!
Rosemarie, The Portables
We appreciate the service we received from LAT and consider your company a great supplier!
Dean, Fusion Communications Group
Thank you for all your help. You guys are incredibly fast!
Karm, Rogers
Your team is a fantastic group of folks to work with!
We have partnered with LAT for over 10 years. LAT has provided excellent quality of service and can be counted on to be efficient and timely in the work that they have produced, especially on short notice at times. We would highly recommend LAT for their translation services and their excellent quality of work.
Dal, Sun Rich
Your team is a fantastic group of folks to work with!


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