WeChat has become a must-have tool to reach the Chinese community; if you want to be a step ahead of the competition, you should be promoting your brand on WeChat. Here are three main takeaways about this popular social networking tool:

1.   Where Work & Social Connect

There are already over 889 million monthly active users worldwide, and 10 million brand official accounts on WeChat. Contacts extend not just to family and friends, but to colleagues and friends of friends. Chinese users prefer WeChat over email for work communications; social relations among work-related circles have become a vital part of WeChat users’ network.


2.    Content is Seriously Important.

Retailers who aren’t providing useful or thoughtful content will be left behind. To build brand loyalty and engagement, it’s essential to adapt and optimize your content strategy to fit consumers’ needs. This means taking a strategy approach that focuses on quality as well as quantity.


3.    WeChat Pay Surpasses Cash, Credit & Debit Payments.

WeChat Pay is extremely popular, with 92% of users in China’s Tier 1 cities using the app as their primary payment method.


WeChat is promoting its payment function aggressively in overseas markets, making it the perfect opportunity for retailers to boost sales.

By launching WeChat Official Accounts and introducing WeChat Pay functions in stores, retailers can maintain a competitive edge.

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