Chinese consumers are one of the largest and most sought-after demographics. And no wonder, considering that Chinese people spent over 120 billion USD in outbound travel last year (source: Want to reach Chinese customers and bring them to your business?

For any business, the first step is understanding Chinese consumers, their preferences, and their typical purchasing behaviour. Knowing today’s Chinese consumers allows your brand to cater to their specific preferences and needs in a way that is genuine, helpful, and relationship-building.

Our Inbound & Digital Marketing Strategist Jessie Li has worked with brands like Ford Motor Company, Adidas, Cadillac Global Business, and Coca-Cola to help them grow their market share. She’s recently moved to Canada, where she wants to help local companies reach the growing Chinese population in Vancouver, Toronto, and other North American cities. Jessie strongly believes in the power of communication to bridge different cultures. In this video, she’ll help us begin to build that bridge by first understanding who the modern day Chinese customer is. She’s identified three simple hashtags to give us insight into today’s Chinese customer:




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