Get ready to welcome Chinese guests with cultural awareness. 

Interested in attracting Chinese customers but unsure where to begin? Our Golden Dragon Certification and Marketing Program helps you and your employees acquire the skills and know-how to reach and engage with this audience, locally and abroad. Our comprehensive program provides you with the tools you need to REACH, ENGAGE, AND WELCOME Chinese visitors to your business.

What’s involved? Your team will take three mandatory modules:

  1. Chinese Culture
  2. Service Preferences
  3. Digital & Mobile Trends 

Your team will also take a module designed specifically for your sector or industry.

Each module takes about one hour to complete and can be presented online or in-person by a member of our Chinese team who will answer your questions and provide valuable insights. 

After completion of the training program, we will feature your business on our own three popular Chinese digital platforms: and its social accounts WeChat and Weibo, to help get the word out about your commitment to providing exceptional service to Chinese customers.

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I truly enjoyed the course and thought it was very thorough and interesting. The information was provided in a clear and concise method, and in an order that made sense. The course was dynamic and provided information that was relevant to the industry as well as basic information that is important for us to know when having interactions with such a beautiful culture. The presenter was very knowledgeable about the subject. She did a great job providing relevant information as well as keeping things focused and on time.

Program Participant
Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton 
Fredericton, New Brunswick


This session was concrete and the presenter gave us great advice to better work with the Chinese market to make sure we attract them right while meeting their expectations, and offering them an adapted service. The facilitator was knowledgeable and strong.

Program Participant
New Brunswick Tourism Department