Beyond China: WeChat for Westerners

WeChat has 70 million active users from 200 countries outside of China. We explore how popular this app is outside of China for both residents and travellers.

Get Social on Chinese Mobile Apps

LAT recently hosted its second meetup on the theme of “Getting Started on Chinese Mobile Apps” #VMMCN. This well attended workshop was an extension of our earlier presentation entitled 5 Reasons Your Marketing Plan Needs to Include Sina Weibo. The discussion focused on the importance of integrating mobile apps into a company’s marketing strategy, and introduced three of the most popular Chinese mobile apps: QQ, WeChat, and Sina Weibo. […]

5 Reasons Your Marketing Plan Needs to Include Sina Weibo

After sharing information on luxury branding on Chinese social media and Canadian politicians on Sina Weibo, LAT recently organized its first meetup entitled “Get Started on Chinese Social Media”#VMMCN. We shared insights about Chinese social media and showcased some successful marketing campaigns on Chinese social networks with our audience. Here are the highlights: