Engaging with Chinese Customers- with Jessie Li, Marketing Strategist

In China, business isn’t just about sales- it's about building genuine connections and forming long-standing relationships. In this short video, our Inbound & Digital Marketing Strategist Jessie Li will help us understand how to form genuine connections with Chinese customers, talk to us about the ins-and-outs of brand persona, and give examples of successful brands.

Case Study: Beyond Boundaries, Cartier’s Cultural Marketing Success

In this case study, we’ll learn how luxury brand Cartier collaborated with the Palace Museum in Beijing to create a unique art exhibit called "Beyond Boundaries." In doing so, Cartier tapped into the power of creativity and cultural marketing to create genuine relationships with Chinese consumers.

Accessing the Chinese Tourism Market: LAT’s Golden Dragon Training Program

2018, the year of Canada-China tourism, is the perfect time to access this quickly growing market. LAT's newly-developed Golden Dragon program helps your business reach, engage with, and welcome Chinese customers.