Beyond China: WeChat for Westerners

WeChat has 70 million active users from 200 countries outside of China. We explore how popular this app is outside of China for both residents and travellers.

Luxury Brands on Chinese Social Media

Chinese customers are considered the top spenders in luxury goods worldwide, with a whooping 25% of luxury purchases globally. According to the World Luxury Association, wealthy Chinese buyers spent an estimated $7.2 billion on luxuries last year. To reach these buyers, luxury brands have begun to realize the power of social media. […]

Connecting with Chinese Consumers Through Social Media

Sales from social commerce expected to hit $9.2 billion by the end of 2012.
The way people shop is changing.  People are turning to social media sites to find new products; 40% of Twitter users use the service to search for products. While the popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter should have you turning there for marketing potential, there is another factor that cannot be ignored: Asia, specifically the Chinese market. […]