Reaching Chinese Customers – with Jessie Li, Marketing Strategist

In this short video, our Inbound & Digital Marketing Strategist Jessie Li will help us connect with Chinese customers by teaching us all about the Chinese digital market, what platforms businesses should get on, and how to successfully engage with Chinese customers. Check it out here!

Canadian Politicians Get On WeChat and Weibo to Reach Chinese Voters

Getting on WeChat and Weibo is the best way for Canadian politicians to connect with potential Chinese voters. In this article, we explain to you who is on Chinese social media, why you want to be there, and how to get it right!

Are You in The Love Business? 5/20 Day is a Key Marketing Opportunity For Your Business

Love is in the air- 5/20 Day is coming up! What is 5/20, and what have brands done to market towards Chinese people during this busy celebration of love?