Chinese Mobile Payment: China’s Number One Payment Option

Chinese mobile payment options are the norm in China. How did this payment option get so popular, and why hasn't it caught on in North America?

Chinese Travellers to Canada: 3 Essentials for The Hospitality Industry

In the current Canada-China Year of Tourism, businesses are increasingly aware of the need to adapt their marketing and welcoming strategy in order to be China-Ready and make the best of the growing number of tourists from China. Here are three important points to help your business reach, attract and welcome this promising market segment.

Opening a Store on Tmall Global

You’ve probably heard about Taobao, the largest e-commerce site in China, but did you know that if you’re not a Chinese business you couldn’t set up a store there? Instead you need to turn to Tmall Global, another Alibaba platform that gives non-Chinese businesses access to China’s huge e-commerce market. The booming Chinese e-commerce industry is certainly tempting for brands looking to grow their sales, but it’s important to note that success is no guarantee.