When a project needs a team that is larger than what we can handle — or expertise that we don’t have in-house — we leverage our relationships with strategic partners so we can provide our clients with a one-stop solution. That way, you always get the customer service you have come to expect from LAT, combined with the multilingual expertise of companies around the world selected for your specific project demands.

Here are some of the localization partners we’re proud to work with:

BayanTech is a leading translation and localization specialist for Africa and the Middle East. They help us resolve typesetting design challenges associated with right-to-left languages.

BridgeLink Language Services Ltd is based in Hong Kong. They help us provide clients who wish to reach the Hong Kong market with local in-market high-quality translation, editing, copywriting, and proofreading services.

TECS is a language services provider based in Japan. When our clients want to reach the Japanese market, we work with TECS to provide professional in-market Japanese translation, localization, proofreading, and writing services.

We also work with companies that help Canadian retailers better reach Chinese audiences.

MotionPay Technology Inc., an Ottawa-based Canadian FinTech company that helps Canadian merchants accept payment in RMB using secure, hand-held point-of-sale terminals. MotionPay is the leading provider of Alipay and WeChat Pay solutions in North America, and the first Canadian company to have working partnerships with them. Through our partnership with MotionPay, we help Canadian companies get set up to offer Chinese payment options.