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Looking to reach an audience in Québec? Québec company wishing to market your services to the world?

Our Montreal-based subsidiary, LAT Marketing Inc., can help you reach your target audience.

    • Engagement on Social Media

      If you’re doing business outside Québec, you already localize your website and advertising content for your customers. But have you thought of social media? Being active on social media can be time consuming, but as you expand your business, you need to think of engaging with your customers locally in each of your new markets. Working from your existing French or English content, we specialize in localizing and managing your social accounts in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, German and other languages. Our in-market writers and social media strategists work closely with our professional translators to deliver your message locally, so that you can engage with your customers in their own language.

    • Content Writing

      LAT writers are always local, and write about subjects they are passionate about. Sharing their passion for food, travel, fashion, cars or lifestyle, they will craft content that appeals to your readers and keeps them engaged with your brand. We help your global company have a local feel.

    • Marketing Strategy

      Each market has its own special events. Planning your conversation calendar for the English-Canadian market? Want to reach Chinese communities across Canada or within China? We can advise you on which local events can help you make the most of local trends. Using a combination of social listening tools, we advise you on how to best position your message so that you truly are a part of the communities you want to reach.

    • Customer Service

      Providing your clients with service in their own language goes a long way in establishing your brand and growing your market share. Don’t let your customers be lost in translation! LAT can help you offer friendly customer support in English, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and other languages on Twitter or by phone, email or via pop-up chats.

    • Keyword Searching, Online Listening and Consulting

      To make the most of your localization budget, you need to use keywords that will help improve your ranking with search engines (SEO). Optimized content connects you to your customers. Our SEO specialists can help you optimize your content for both paid (PPC) and organic campaigns.

    • Content Translation/Localization

      Of course, translation and localization remain at the heart of all our services. LAT’s in-market translators are the professionals behind our solid reputation for the quality of our translation services.

      With LAT, your content is in good hands!

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