With its unique language requirements and cultural nuances, launching a product or service in Québec requires local assistance. Our Montreal-based team can help support your needs in the following areas:

Meeting Business Requirements

Operating in Quebec comes with specific set of requirements due to the French language laws. There are French language requirements that govern specifics of your signage, how your contracts and internal communications are presented to employees, and many more. We not only can offer translation and localization support so that documents are provided in the legally required languages, but we can also help your firm navigate the complexities of doing business in Québec.

Bilingual Labelling and Packaging

If you are launching a product in Canada, there are specific bilingual language requirements that govern how packaging and food labelling must appear. However, they are not the same all across Canada. If you are launching your product in Québec, there are additional rules and regulations, as well as exceptions. We can assist your team in working through these requirements.

Content Strategy and Writing

Did you know that Quebec celebrates many holidays on different days than the rest of Canada? Or that sometimes cultural observations celebrated around the rest of the country, are not observed there? If you are developing content with the view it can apply across the country, you would be mistaken. You must localize your content to resonate with Québec residents. LAT writers are always local, and can advise on these nuances to ensure your content strategy resonates with your Québec audience and keeps them engaged with your brand.

Cultural Marketing Strategy and Media Buy

If you are looking to advertise in Québec, we can provide local information on the best publications to reach your target audience. We can advise on how to avoid cultural gaffes and best position your message so that you truly are a part of the communities you want to reach.

Customer Service

Providing your clients with service in French goes a long way in establishing your brand and growing your market share. Don’t let your customers be lost in translation! LAT can help you offer friendly customer support in both Canadian official languages, English and French, by phone, email or via pop-up chats.

Content Translation/Localization

Translation and localization remain at the heart of all our services. LAT’s in-market translators are the professionals behind our solid reputation for the quality of our translation services.

With LAT, your content is in good hands!

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