Ushering in the Year of the Dog, with Mercedes-Benz Vancouver Retail Group

Project Description

The Challenge

For the second consecutive year, Mercedes-Benz Vancouver Retail Group wanted to offer a special thank you to their customers by celebrating Chinese New Year with a fun, online to offline event held at their Aberdeen Centre location. The O2O marketing campaign needed to provide a fun way to celebrate the festival with their clients, while also expanding their reach on WeChat.

LAT’S involvement

LAT created a digital “Wheel of Fortune” that visitors at Aberdeen Centre could spin for a chance to win one of six prizes: a golf set; water bottles; corkscrews; sunglasses; caps and lanyards.

Lucky draws ran over a four-day period, and were heavily advertised ahead on several influencers’ WeChat accounts.

To make sure everyone left with a gift, we also handed out the traditional hong-baos (red envelopes) of the season. Red envelopes are a crucial part of Chinese New year. Ours contained good wishes, for good luck, along with the Chinese characters 奔驰, which means ‘Benz’. On the other side of the card was a 2018 calendar.



The WeChat account gained five times more subscribers compared to the same event last year – people are starting to know and look forward to the event! This enables Mercedes-Benz Vancouver Retail Group to reach a wider and ever-growing Chinese audience on WeChat, their favourite social platform.