French Translation and Localization for Daymon Worldwide

Project Description

Daymon Worldwide provides retail services for consumable goods. If you’ve ever sampled food at Costco, one of their clients, you might have interacted with some of their employees or “product marketing demonstrators”.

The Challenge

In Canada, companies doing business in Quebec need to provide all employee material (i.e., human resources, Intranet, web portals, procurement, training material, employment texts, signage, etc.) in the country’s two official languages – English and French. The Canadian bilingual law also provides for quality of language. This means a company cannot ‘just’ translate this material; it must be well translated to ensure the meaning is well understood by its target audience.

Source: Daymon Worldwide

LAT’S involvement

To ensure their French content met Canadian standards, Daymon Worldwide hired LAT to localize all their content for their national client (Costco). We localized their food handling guides, WHMIS training, systems training, and much more.

Source: Daymon Wordlwide

Thanks to LAT’s in-house team of professional English to French Canadian translators, and expertise in Canada’s bilingual language requirements, we completed this year-long project within record time, without ever sacrificing the quality of the work delivered. Helping Daymon deliver the highest standards of customer service and product knowledge they are renowned for is an accomplishment we continue to be proud of.