It was 1999 and the world was rapidly changing: tech advances increased global market opportunities and businesses continued to expand into foreign countries. In this exciting new world of dial-up internet and new communication methods, LAT Multilingual was born. Today, LAT Multilingual is celebrating 20 years of creating opportunities for communication through connecting people locally and internationally.

The Growth of Social Media

As a boutique content and marketing adaptation company, our first decade of experience taught us the effectiveness of the cultural and multilingual approach, rather than on simple translation. As a company that is passionate about helping clients connect with multilingual audiences, LAT evolved to meet the needs of brands who were looking for high-quality niche services, instead of a catch-all approach to business.

In the late-2000s, social media grew in importance and influence—connecting the world in new ways. We knew we needed to stay ahead of the wave.

With large Chinese populations in various Canadian cities, we were uniquely positioned to harness the power of Chinese social media to open marketing possibilities for companies internationally and at home. We became expert leaders in creating localized content and extending our client’s reach to target audiences on WeChat and Weibo, allowing our clients to stay ahead of competition.

Though we came from humble beginnings in English to French translation, we learned to harness the power of social media to create marketing content that is adapted and optimized to fit customers’ multilingual needs for worldwide markets.

Modern Adaptations

The world of digital marketing has continued to evolve, producing professionals who specialize in communicating with customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, smart phone apps, third party websites, etc.

It’s clear: digital marketing has become key to customer engagement.

To ensure that our clients receive the highest quality product when communicating to clients in foreign markets, we leverage the use of local engagement officers who have especially deep cultural understanding to guide the communications our clients want us to hone in on. This market localization allows us to assist our clients in connecting with new customers in an authentic way that the competition often overlooks. Today, clients harness our translation services to help them develop appropriate websites, landing pages, and digital communication plans to connect with the wider online community and engage an increasingly diverse digital audience.

The Golden Dragon Program: China Ready, China Friendly

Continuing our commitment to reach and engage the Chinese market, we developed the Golden Dragon Program to allow companies to market their business to Chinese customers by demonstrating cultural understanding.

Through this certification program, businesses:

  • gain access to our 20 years of expertise in multicultural and multilingual communication strategies;
  • reach their clientele on three popular Chinese digital platforms:, Weibo, and WeChat; and
  • acquire the skills and knowledge to impress their Chinese guests, generating return visits and positive references.

LAT Marketing: The Quebec Connection

The marketing landscape in Quebec is distinct and requires a unique approach to helping companies navigate the bilingual requirements for selling products in Canada. In 2015, LAT Marketing Inc., the Quebec subsidiary of LAT Multilingual, began helping businesses adapt their content and strategy to effectively and authentically communicate their message. LAT Marketing provides:

  • A team of experienced French-Canadian translators, editors, and graphic designers ensure that marketing material is localized for the French-Canadian market, keeping communication strategies in-line with language regulations.
  • LAT Marketing helps Quebec businesses open their doors to diverse markets, whether it is welcoming international visitors or connecting their products to international markets.

Our Method Drives Success

Translation services evolved in line with marketing, and LAT moved with the times, proving time and again that authentic engagement happens in a customer’s preferred language and social platform. Specialized in-house teams ensure that the French-Canadian and Chinese markets receive the care and attention to make multilingual marketing a success.

If your business is looking to expand its reach through our proven method, contact us today to discuss how we can partner with your business: Partner with LAT and we will help your business thrive!