The Golden Dragon Certification & Marketing program gives you the knowledge needed to welcome Chinese travellers, and the online visibility to reach them.


Three mandatory modules: Chinese culture, Service preferences, Digital & mobile trends – and one sector-specific module for hotels, restaurants, retail stores and attractions.

Each module takes about 1 hour to complete and is presented online, one-on-one by a member of our Chinese team who will answer your questions and provide valuable insights. A truly individualized learning experience.

Understanding Chinese Culture

Chinese Cultural Training — An overview of China today, its geography, government and economy, with a focus on the people, their beliefs, preferences and culture, as well as trends and outlook.
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Understanding cultural sensitivities, social etiquette and engagement, regional diversity, language, commerce, and the constantly evolving expectations of Chinese consumers will help you position your business to be better prepared to welcome them.

A few key elements will provide a positive first impression for your guests. Learn key phrases that will kickstart new relationships, build memorable experiences your guests will cherish for years, and adapt your facilities to make them feel truly at home. From extending a warm welcome to conflict resolution, this module is crucial to understanding your guests’ culture and building a meaningful relationship with them.


Serving your Chinese Guests

From the moment your Chinese guests arrive, you have an opportunity to create an experience for them that they will remember positively, share and talk about to their friends and family.
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Being prepared to provide your guests with well adapted services means repeat business for you, and great memories for your customers. Chinese travellers are diverse and have a wide variety of needs and expectations. This module will give you a few tips on how to best entertain your visitors, how to handle conflict and misunderstandings, and how to interpret your guests’ responses to avoid mis-interpretation. We will help you learn what information they need to truly appreciate their experience at your establishment.

Learn to greet your guests and introduce yourself with simple phrases and learn what basic information you should be providing in Chinese.


Digital and Mobile Trends in China

Wi-Fi is now taken for granted in China, where 97% of the population has high speed Internet access, which they access mainly on mobile devices.
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Being connected to friends and family is a must for most, and the advent of tools like WeChat have made smartphones even more central to people’s life. This module will explore the importance of social media and mobile payments for Chinese people, and how your business needs to adapt in order to facilitate engagement with your visitors, encourage referrals to friends and family, and contribute to their purchasing decision by offering convenient payment options like WeChatPay and AliPay.


& one of 4 sector-specific modules:


By acquiring a solid understanding of Chinese culture, hospitality and etiquette, your staff will be better equipped to make your Chinese guests feel welcome.
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A few add-ons to your existing services will go a long way in exceeding your Chinese customers’ expectations, generating positive reviews and peer-to-peer references, which is the most effective way to grow your business.

Throughout the entire cycle: from the moment travellers start planning their trip to the day of their arrival, the time spent at your hotel and the moment of their departure, learn how to leverage online tools, social media, culturally adapted services and payment options to optimize their experience and to encourage them to take full advantage of your unique offers.

Extend a warm welcome to your guests on their favourite social sites and start building a relationship with Chinese travellers. Adapted services convey respect and courtesy, as well as attention to details and cultural understanding.



Food is one of the most important parts of the travel experience. For Chinese people, food has connotations rooted in history and beliefs. Understanding your guests’ expectations and adapting to their needs will not only make you a great host, it will make them feel respected and valued.
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Serving meals at the right time, welcoming guests with tea of hot water, offering chopsticks and a selection of condiments will be much appreciated. This module will cover these topics, and will cover details about service tips, menu items, opportunities for your guests to share their experience with their friends, and more. Experiencing local cuisine will be the highlight of their visit. Each Canadian region has unique products and dishes to share with their guests.


Retail (Stores, Malls, Outlets)

Being prepared to welcome Chinese guests to your retail outlets will mean repeat business for you, and great memories for your guests.
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Do you know why so many Chinese students at McGill and Concordia wear Canada Goose? Why do Chinese visitors sometimes purchase 20 items of a famous brand at an outlet mall? Learn how brands become ‘famous’ in China, and how you can best position your store to attract Chinese shoppers. This module will present the shopping experience from a Chinese customer’s point of view. It will allow you to better understand the ways by which you can improve shoppers’ experience, returned visits and word of mouth marketing.


Attractions & Activities

Travellers are seeking authentic experiences in Canada. They want to be close to nature, discover our unique scenery, and have adventures they will cherish forever. Learn how to reach them online and build trust.
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Welcoming Chinese visitors to your location and providing them with information they can easily read (or listen to) in Chinese to understand the unique value of their experience will go a long way in building your own Chinese followers. Give your visitors a great experience, ‘wow’ them with new discoveries and make sure they have plenty of video and photo opportunities.


Group training is available for larger organizations or DMOs.


Once all mandatory criteria of our China-Friendly checklist are met, you will receive your Golden Dragon window sticker and certificate indicating to Chinese tourists that you are ready to welcome them and we will start marketing your business to Chinese travellers.


Certified businesses will be featured on TravelCanada.cn, a directory of China-Friendly businesses for Chinese travel agents, tour operators and independent travellers. It will also be advertised for 12 months on Weibo & WeChat.

Testimonials from tourism enterprises

I truly enjoyed the course and thought it was very thorough and interesting. The information was provided in a clear and concise method, and in an order that made sense. The course was dynamic and provided information that was relevant to the industry as well as basic information that is important for us to know when having interactions with such a beautiful culture.
Wenyan was a great presenter and was very knowledgeable about the subject. She did a great job in providing relevant information as well as keeping things focused and on time.

– by Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Fredericton, Fredericton, NB

The session was interesting and informative. We hope to complete the program. Thank you.

– by Chipman Hill Suites, Saint John, NB

This session was concrete and she gave us great advice to better work with that market to make sure we attract them right while meeting their expectations, and offering them an adapted service.
The facilitator was knowledgeable, and strong.
I really think more companies should have attended this session.

– by New Brunswick Tourism Department