China’s biggest travel holiday is quickly approaching; officially, the estimated number of travellers is over 700 million – nearly half of the country’s population. Canada should expect a significant portion of those travellers to be landing in cities across the country, staying from October 1st – 7th.

Westerners aren’t as keenly aware of other the holidays of other countries (it’s hard enough to remember when your own country or province’s holidays are!).

However, foreign travel holidays can be a boon to business when marketing and messaging are thoughtfully and appropriately applied to capture the millions of travellers coming into Canada from Asia.

Golden Week: Top Tips for a Business Boon

Luckily, LAT Multilingual can help Canadian and global businesses prepare for the busiest Chinese travel season of the year – here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Chinese people are now world class travellers, and travel is expected to surge as overseas travel become more accessible. This includes traveling to Vancouver to visit the city or to visit family.
  • Chinese international travellers will visit family and friends throughout East and Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States, Canada, and the U.K.
  • The holiday week is 7 days long so Chinese guests will be staying for around 5 days, allowing for two days of the holiday week for travel to and from home.
  • Chinese tourists will want to experience the city: this is a great opportunity for industries to treat them to a VIP package including fine dining experiences, unique landmarks to visit, rare events, etc.
  • Restaurants can be busy this week with out-of-town family visitors. In Asian culture when there are visitors, you mark the occasion by eating out with the whole family. A good concierge will check if there are requests from guests to reserve restaurants for mid-sized to large groups – this just adds to the customer’s premium experience!
  • With large family meals, the logistics of travel can become chaotic! Transportation companies should be prepared to move 7 – 8 people (or more).
  • Companies in various industries should be set-up to accept WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, and Union Pay (the biggest Credit Card company in China).
  • Shopping centers, casinos, and entertainment events will be a key activity for visitors. Smart retailers will welcome customers with a great selection of goods that will appeal to the shopper at great prices.

LAT Multilingual’s Golden Dragon Certification & Marketing Program

It can be hard to keep your business on top of the different domestic and international travel holidays. If you want to ensure your business is prepared to tap into Chinese markets and catch the eye of Chinese tourists, LAT Multilingual’s Golden Dragon Certification and marketing program will take all of the stress away.


This program is specifically designed to help your business excel, by receiving training on Chinese culture and service preferences, and having a team of China marketing experts manage your presence on Chinese social media channels and help craft strategic messages to get customers and clients through your business’ front door.

LAT Multilingual – An Authentic Cultural Approach

We centre our multicultural and multilingual marketing practices on being authentic and pride ourselves on being experts in this field. Your diverse customer base deserves diverse and authentic marketing. With National Day Golden Week just around the corner, contact us today to break into this exciting marketplace.