Chinese social media marketing management services help you expand within local and global markets.

Extend your reach by adopting a Chinese social media strategy. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. We will get you set up with an official account on platforms such as Sina Weibo, WeChat, RenRen, and Youku, then work with you to create content, manage engagement, and help you measure the results.

MotionPay Payment Options

Chinese shoppers love to make direct payments for goods and services through their Alipay (via Alibaba) and WeChat (via WeChat Pay). Through our partnership with MotionPay Technology Inc., we can help you set up secure, direct payment options through both these channels. Payments can be processed in-store, online and within the App.


LAT Multilingual is now offering Mandarin customer service on WeChat. Having a dedicated presence on WeChat can help you:

  • Quickly respond to inquiries and requests
  • Increase your direct bookings
  • Offer unparalleled, personalized and affordable service.


Brad Laviolette
Dilawri Group

Chinese Social Media

I definitely feel that LAT Multilingual is communicating to
the target market that we want. If they’re not already a
current customer, LAT facilitates the opportunity of a lead.
LAT really understands what content works.

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