Communicating to Clients During Coronavirus

Many of our clients are wondering how to communicate to clients in the midst of COVID-19. We share our advice during this pandemic.

Reaching French Canadians: The Key to Success in Quebec

Home to 24% of Canada’s population, Quebec has the second largest economy in Canada. This means if you are doing business in Canada, it is an important market to reach. But it is also the only province where French is the official language.

Expanding your business and tapping into the Quebec market is a smart business decision, but to truly capture the heart of Quebecers, you need to go beyond meeting the basic requirements of Law 101.
To break into the Quebec market the marketing messaging must be well thought out and strategic.
Quebecers can be wary of any business that is seen as foreign. There is a distinct cultural identity tied to the province and far higher brand loyalty to local boutiques and stores.

To overcome these bumps in the road, businesses will need to do their homework to establish a strong foothold in Quebec.

Our Quebec-based subsidiary, LAT Marketing, works with […]

Are you ready for “National Day Golden Week”?

“National Day Golden Week” is China’s biggest travel holiday. During this semi-annual seven- or eight-day holiday which starts around October 1, nearly half of the country’s population is expected to travel.
Top Tips for a Business Boon
Here are some tips to help you prepare for the busiest Chinese travel season of the year:

Chinese people are world class travellers, and tourism numbers are  expected to surge as overseas travel becomes more accessible.
Chinese international travellers will visit family and friends throughout East and Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States, Canada, and the U.K.
Chinese guests typically stay around five days, allowing for two days of the holiday week for travel to and from home.
Chinese tourists will want to experience the city they are visiting. Guests will appreciate customized experiences such as VIP packages that include fine dining experiences, unique landmarks to visit, tickets to exciting events, etc.
In Asian […]