Canadian Businesses – Are you ready for National Day Golden Week?

China’s biggest travel holiday is quickly approaching; officially, the estimated number of travellers is over 700 million – nearly half of the country’s population. Canada should expect a significant portion of those travellers to be landing in cities across the country, staying from October 1st – 7th.

Westerners aren’t as keenly aware of other the holidays of other countries (it’s hard enough to remember when your own country or province’s holidays are!).

However, foreign travel holidays can be a boon to business when marketing and messaging are thoughtfully and appropriately applied to capture the millions of travellers coming into Canada from Asia.
Golden Week: Top Tips for a Business Boon
Luckily, LAT Multilingual can help Canadian and global businesses prepare for the busiest Chinese travel season of the year – here are some tips to help you succeed:

Chinese people are now world class travellers, and travel is expected to surge as overseas […]

Two Decades of Expert Experience: LAT Multilingual Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

It was 1999 and the world was rapidly changing: tech advances increased global market opportunities and businesses continued to expand into foreign countries. In this exciting new world of dial up internet and new communication methods, LAT Multilingual was born. Today, LAT Multilingual is celebrating 20 years of creating opportunities for communication through connecting people locally and internationally.
The Growth of Social Media
As a boutique content and marketing adaptation company, our first decade of experience taught us the effectiveness of the cultural and multilingual approach, rather than on simple translation. As a company that is passionate about helping clients connect with multilingual audiences, LAT evolved to meet the needs of brands who were looking for high-quality niche services, instead of a catch-all approach to business.

In the late-2000s, social media grew in importance and influence—connecting the world in new ways. We knew we needed to stay ahead of the wave.

With large […]

WeChat Victories and Visions, from the Creator of WeChat

In this post, we have picked 4 elements from Allen Zhang's annual WeChat speech that may add value to your Chinese Marketing strategy