McCormick & Company

McCormick is an international company whose iconic brands, such as Club House, Billy Bee, and Old Bay, can be found in many households. They wanted a team who could ensure its products are well represented in the Canadian market.

McCormick’s products are sold on shelves across the world, but they wanted to ensure their Canadian presence truly connected with the local market. They needed to work with a full solution translation company that would be large enough to meet their needs, but small enough to provide customized services to its team.

LAT's team of in-house team of translators specializing in French Canadian translation helps make sure McCormick is always sending the right message to its customers. We provide a wide-range of translation services for McCormick. From internal communications, to product descriptions and labelling, to website and social media content, our team delivers a consistent message across all platforms that is localized for the Canadian market. By working closely with McCormick’s team to understand their specific needs, our team can provide excellent customer service while still delivering on complex, large-scale projects. 

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