About Hannah Jennings-Voykovich

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Hannah holds a degree in Political Science and Media Studies from the University of Auckland and is a passionate writer and editor. In her spare time, Hannah plays roller derby and loves to travel to new and interesting places.

Translation – The Good, The Bad and The Dangerous

Many companies have fallen prey to poor translation over the years. Read about some of the most blatant (and hilarious) translation blunders!

Beyond Bilingual Labels – Growing Markets for Healthy, Organic Food

In Canada, bilingual labels are a translation company’s bread and butter, and companies that make bread and butter need translation companies! This symbiotic business relationship is not only bound by law; it’s bound by common sense. If you want your food product to reach as many markets as possible, speaking to people in their native language is the first step.

Creating Community Connections – Chinese New Year 2014 and You

How can businesses reach out to an increasingly diverse marketplace and make returning and potential customers feel welcome? Celebrating important holidays like Chinese New Year is a great place to start.

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