Meet Lise Alain, Founder of LAT Multilingual

We interview Lise Alain, founder and CEO of LAT Multilingual, a Canadian translation agency based in Vancouver, BC.

Describe LAT in a nutshell.

Since 1999, LAT has specialised in helping companies reach the French Canadian market. Over the years, we’ve broadened our scope to include localisation services in a variety of languages, and a special focus on adapting marketing content to reach communities in their own language, on their preferred social platforms.

This marketing focus sets LAT apart from other language service providers: In a world of social media and fast-paced digital marketing, we adapt our customers’ online content in a way that will inspire people to click on an ad, article, or website.

We still do a lot of traditional translation for our clients but increasingly, marketing managers realise the importance of adapting their approach to a multilingual marketplace.

What was your background before starting LAT?

Growing up in Quebec City, a very homogeneous, francophone part […]

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